Mid Beach

Tybee Island / Mid Beach

What to expect in the Tybee Island Mid Beach Area:

The mid beach area on Tybee Island is referred to as the numbered street section of Tybee Island. Butler Ave seperates what is considered to be beach side, however there are numerous brick crosswalks that makes the jouney across Butler Ave bearable even on the busiest of weekends. Any location 3 blocks our closer in the mid beach area is considered easy access to the Atlantic beach on Tybee Island. The mid beach area is where the local IGA grocery store, the YMCA, Tybee Parks, and a few restaurants(including one of Tybee's Finest in the Sundae Cafe} are located. Of course staying in the "Mid" beach area on Tybee Island, between the South Beach Pier and the North Beach Lighthouse, you will be located right in the middle of all the happenings on the Island.